Friday, 5 July 2013

thoughts on the go - from the studio

Today will feel like a big shift.  Trying to identify a 'first' task, experience, thought, working concept, idea to get the participants individual processes going. We emphasise this is not finding the idea 'for a piece', but an area for investigation.  We speak of trust in a 'something' already discovered, experienced in the previous days, or perhaps daring to bring to the 'floor' a specific idea which was already in mind prior to the star of the lab...and pursuing it, giving it time and space. 

We will work for half an hour and see where that leads us, stop make a 'reconnaissance' of where each one is, and then take it from there...The studio is split into areas of diverse foci...

14:03 (Maria S)
A very different day than the day before... Although it started off in exhaustion, pain and a few silly incidents that can easily make you mad, the shedding of light through my process last night was enough to keep me calm.   The first task of the day is focused on finding our No1, like a starting point for our very own process. I decided to go with what I had last night and although it seemed (and felt) weird at first, the more I got into the movement and trying to really listen to my No1 physically, the more I felt like I was progressing to something that at least I find pleasurable. I tried and tried the same thing all over again without playing attention to how long it took or how many times it was repeated, simply because I liked what I feeling through the movement.
I like the exhaustion that I felt, the sweat that was all over me and all over the floor...
I like the sound of this movement...

14:11 (Marilena)
OK, it is now 14:11 as u can c and we just finished the half-hour task!
AS IF....

15:34 (Ana SC)  impossible to capture the very hot discussion on storytelling and choreography still going on!  I am going to have lunch...don't dare mediate that one!

1:47 (late Xica after the go) kkkk... Ana... that really sounded hot. But to be honest I felt a nice and open exchange of ideas on our eyes at this moment... an open trying to understand. I just wanted you to know, Marilena! We will still come back to the topic ;)

PS the day after:  Xica, hot is good!  means we are thinking, talking,  processing, exchanging!