Monday, 8 July 2013

thoughts on the go- Andreas Dyrdal Workshop 1

We are joined today by Eleni Pantazatou (Lab 2011, 2012, great when past labbers re-engage with the lab) and Nasia. 

Andreas starts with brief introductions, then there is an invitation to go down Drakou St., to the yogurt place, and have a yogurt.  That is how we start. 

Back in the studio, there is the question of time?  Was going to have yogurt a waste of time?  How do we relate to time, to the rules we give ourselves (of time/in time)... What is the time of the work, and the time outside of work?

We begin by considering (in written form) our individual rules with regards to time...From time we move to space, not the site of the/a performance, but perhaps a more poetic/open space 'of work'(ing), even if it is one's living room.... Maja comments 'that is a complex one'.... We take over an hour to write.  Andreas confirms we may not necessarily move today, but draw our awareness about 'the work' so that working may happen tomorrow (a task for 'lab time').

The next question is responsibility (perhaps attached to a sidebar discussion of discipline at break time)..what do we feel responsible to in the work?  How are we responsible for the work? 

15:15 (Maria S.)
Now this day has been very different than what I anticipated!
Andreas has us writing and exploring various variables like crazy and I'm lovin' it!


It is very interesting to dig deep into variables such as the above because you uncover things about yourself that you never even thought before, or never had thought consciously about them anyway. I am in the process of trying to understand my own self and what is going on this the studio as we speak is helping me achieve exactly that! I'm really intrigued to see where all this exploration is going to take us next..!

We move on to consider what is 'thought' within the work (not a work)...  related to these are thoughts on doubt, questioning, thinking about the work....

[Setting up tomorrow's work on 'working' specifically, a work].