Thursday, 4 July 2013

thoughts on the go -from the studio

Marilena Papaioannou:
A day has gone by.
Twenty fours hours now weigh on our bodies and brains.
Is it possible to recover the body's memory?
We must at least try to.
Yesterday, Ana gave us a few tasks. Today she asks us to chose one of those tasks and figure out what part of it still remains in our memories.
I use my body rather than my brain to remember. I chose the "finding a reference point in the space..." task to work on today.
Yesterday I chose the black steel wall on the side of the room. It has a few screws that protrude and little wholes all over. Interesting structure and form. I attempted to feel it with my palms so that when I would close my eyes and become disoriented, I would still be able to find it through touch.
My memory today has transformed this task into a longer, more precise, and more incentive action.  Today I focus almost entirely on the sense of touch. I move more instinctively because the task has been imprinted in my body and brain. I try to focus on what my hands and feet feel while moving, so that I develop a full idea of the environment that surrounds me, that is, the floor, the wall, even the air.
And thus, weird stuff happen, pretty ones too.
Bummer! Ten minutes have gone by (with me in front of the screen), and already my memory has transformed again! I m sure that if I stand up, and try to do the same thing again, it will be different.
Wait, no.
It will be different in shape and dynamics, but it will be the same in terms of purpose.
Because of my intention.
That remains the same.

Maria Sermpou: 
It all started with the hanging chair today...
The chair was one of the touch stimuli I played with yesterday.
At first I was trying to bring back stuff and movement moments from yesterday's session and I was quite happy because I remembered all of them.
Yet at the same time I was a bit disappointed because apart from a couple of them, the other seemed pointless to me...
Until Ana told us to not just do the exact same thing and try to be more internal in the process. So I decided to transfer the feeling and touch of the chair in my body and that's when it all started to make more sense! From then onwards, I just continued trying to grasp the feeling of each movement, explore the movement, feel the ground and the space. The intention is not yet crystal clear, but for me it's all about the feeling of the movement today and where this exploration can guide me.