Friday, 12 July 2013

thoughts on the go- Androniki Marathaki Day 2

Giorgos and Xristos, musicians join us in the studio today.  They will begin by observing, then join in. Warming up. from here to there.  On the floor, touching the floor all the way, trying not to leave any space between 'cells' and floor.  Simply.  Effortless. 

Concentration on skin, weight, the amount of weight that is placed into each body part.  An image:  if there was paint on the floor, the effort is to transfer the paint on the floor to the whole of the body.  What touches the floor?   Later, moving from the cluster of cells that have touched the floor, touching space as well.  The work is then transferred to working with the objects, finding one thing and evolving it through accumulation of experiential rules as the 'bit' is repeated.   Attention is given to the soundscape created by the movement through the objects.   We finish a cycle of three full rounds, we take notes and then exchange feedback.

Musicians begin to join in, at first providing rhythmical materialization of the movement thro
ugh sound.  Then they begin to add pitch - high/low as they 'follow' the movement of each.
Androniki introduces her recent collaboration with Dimitris Karalis 'Moving Sounds' that aims to establish a more complex understanding of how music and dance structures can enter into dialogue in performance.  For more on this click on these various links:  Moving Sound Part 1, Moving Sound part 2,  Moving Sound Performance March 22, 2013.  

Dialogues between the sound and movement open, musicians follow the dancers, dancers follow movement.  Sound coonected to body, sound/body connected to space...