Monday, 15 July 2013

thoughts on the go-Kiriakos Spirou Day 1

Kiriakos Spirou takes over the workshops.  He exposes the focus of his work, day one will be present exploring listening, from that move on to notions of scoring, as core both as a trace but also an a rule setter, also as a way to externalise choice making to be able to set out the next level...

Today listening as a kind of touch, exploring how the touch stimulus is embedded in the act of listening (actually, physically - check Jean Luc Nancy 'On Listening')... how to receive a quantity of touch stimulus and listen to it, and then letting affect us into moving.  This is not a 'puppet' improve - I touch you move that bit - analogy A:A... He is asking for a deeper exploration....Next task takes us from being touch (by another) to transferring the sense of touch to listening to sound (which is playing through the stereo system).  Listening as an active 'hunting for', listening for something (searching), not just listening to something (receiving).  He suggests it is a constant dovetailing... We begin to exchange experiences...Xica brings into the discussion notions of synaesthesia... There is still curiosity about scores, it is hard to figure something other than musical scores.... 

We examine different levels of scores, from very open scores (just two lines) to others that propose more elaborate boundaries (we connect to notions of 'frame-making' proposed by M. Klien in previous labs).  Graphic scores different to literary ones, to physical scores, to three dimensional scores... (for more on choreographic scores- see Jonathan Burrows' Time, motion, symbol. line, or his own score for Speaking Dance 2006). 

Duets and solos, today working from a score, tomorrow, making a score... Scores in performance, scores for performance, scoring [a] performance... As a score not to be 're-presented' but as an exploration...  We encountered similar issues in the research of Androniki's rules, a rule to be explored, not to be 'demonstrated'...  research...  Marilena and Ismini  try Stockhausen's text for 'Meeting Point' (1968),  "every one plays the same tone, lead the same tone wherever your thoughts lead you, do not leave it, stay with it, always return to the same place..." 

Xica tests a graphic score... We discuss the comparative nature of the two scores selected, Stockhausen comes out as quite prescriptive, the graphic score more 'free' but requiring making a number of new rules (a language) to apply to the reading of the graphic symbols.