Thursday, 11 July 2013

thoughts on the go - Androniki Marathaki Day 1

Introductions through movement. 
Androniki draws attention to seeing the space, tracing the space with eyes and then whole body movement, cutting across the traces that each movement leave behind.  She speaks of 'love' and pleasure of movement, away from the heavier  Greek 'eros', she speaks of letting the play of desire surprise us.  Deborah Hay comes in ' what if every cell of our body is where it needs to be...' we move to the 'what if', paying attention to speed, so it does not become a closed in exploration.  There is nothing meditative, on the contrary, high energy, speed, daring to move across the space...what if every 53 trillion of cells in our bodies were in the place they need to relation to the space, in relation to other (people)...  Waking up the whole body to space, to movement, to others...

We then move to explore rules through which to 'filter' the movement en route to choreography.  Androniki puts us through one of hers, then we will see how to establish others (individually).  The first rule is 'being pull down to ground', trying to work on control and anatomical precision, what/which part of the body (cell) is being drawn down, how to return to 'up' (a neutral beginning to then find another intention to be 'pulled).  She emphasises if there is no intention to move don't worry, observe.  She invites us to consider the visceral and emotional responses to the process set by the rule.

Further development:  now working through creating movement considering attention to space, speed, visceral response to the movement.... what is your game she asks, what makes the process interesting for you... Verbal images, 'love at first sight', an echo gram, butterflies, primal instinct,  what did it bring to mind? What would someone seeing this from outside say/think/experience through the witnessing? In defining 'the game', find the purpose...  We stop to share processes...  A statement is made that needs capturing...experiencing a singularity...dwelling on that.

Androniki is all about two words: loooooooooooooooooooove and studying.
I think that what she wants us to take home with the use of these two beautiful words is (a) to just loooove the feeling of our body moving and thus not to think too much about creating a specific sequence of motion that means something specific and  (b) to really experiment with your body, explore all possibilities of it.
Looooooooove is great. Studying too.

After a short break, we explore different type of movement - locomotive, reflective, instrumental, expressive - what do each require anatomically, how do they engage 'the body' in their realisation...there is discussion of Ghallager's body schema.....  now a throwing game (we all throw like girls....).... how many kinds of throws can be done?  what does it take to some catch them....

Andronki expounds that she is interested in these kinds of movement as a first stage- the movement that does not require 'monitor'... focus on attention is outside of the movement... to explore movement we get to work with props!  (a first in the lab so far!)..... branches...'Try the impossible with the objet, emphasise the difficulty, pay attention to the soundscape that may be produced...".  Towards the end a landscape of the things was created, and we played... searching for 'something', what instructions guided us through the landscape?