Monday, 22 July 2013

thoughts on the go-John Paul Zaccarini Day 1

Failure, a register through which to see our performance, failure and its impact as a clarification, not to be rid of, but to be embedded in the process.  After various exercises John Paul asks the group to invests in the material witnessed and performed.  Neutral face, not to disregard emotion but to invest more on whole body performance - investing fully on the movement.

Invest, flesh out.  Terms used.  The material is put through scales of intensity keeping internal motivation but finding different ways in which it becomes manifested.  Scaling down of movement without a lessening of intention. I guess the issue of presence is embedded in this. John Paul asks them to begin to draw from the material of the individual projects...We are faced with difficulties and impossibility.  Fear of risk is mentioned.  Losing security.  Still have instinct to control the movement although we are being asked to 'break it'...  instinct for beauty/safety is hard to let go...  Two options offered, extending, overdoing.... Makes you lose the point.  trying to hard...  too much energy, speaking of exhaustion, skin burns, aches, pains.... What is too much?  What is a mistake?  What is a failure? 

John Paul begins to work more directly with the material, finding situations/conditions to make the material 'present' once again, as its familiarity may lessen investigation.  It brings to surface issues of 'micro' details, how the clarity of those is related to achieving a 'macro' structure, a dramaturgy... to link decisions at the micro level to the idea of the work as a whole (the macro structure).  How dies this position ourselves in a different place to de-fin(e)(d) material 'a-new'?

We wrap the day with some mental homework for tomorrow...think of what is the mood of the work?  how does it act upon the audience (a transitive verb), how does it act upon you?  (allows/frees)...what does it do?  effect and affect...  as considerations to expand, to bring to life the word 'action' not just 'movement'...