Thursday, 25 July 2013

Presentation of artistic projects- 26th July 2013

4th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab Summer 2013
Final Sharing of Projects
Friday 26th July 2013, 9.00pm

The 4th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab 2013 draws to an end with the sharing of the event on Friday 26th July 2013 (9.00pm) at Kinitiras Studio.  As begun last year, the session welcomed international participants who worked together with Greek artists in a creative dialogue that has resulted in a variety of approaches and concerns embedded within the 'exposed practice'.  This fact reminded us that there isn't a single aesthetic that defines what contemporary choreography is, on the contrary, what makes contemporary choreography relevant in our changing times is its ability to redefine existing knowledge, open new territories, find new rationales for being an important contributor to the fabric of our contemporary life.

The event is presented to you as an open platform.  These are not finished pieces, on the contrary, what you are witnessing tonight are ‘beginnings’ of ideas shaped, tested, moulded and remoulded during the month and now given concrete form so that they can enter in dialogue with you the audience.  They are open investigations, and therefore will not be presented in a proscenium format but in a dynamic open space of interaction.  We encourage you to move around the space, position and reposition yourself in different and proximal relationships with the artists and their proposals, engage with, not just receive the work.

The presentations making up the event follow this order:


Of being and of being seen
Choreographer/Performer: Xica Lisboa
Sound Composition and Visual Media: Kiriakos Spirou
Soundtrack: excerpts and new material inspired by “Science” and “Theory of Knowledge and Art” by Jorge Albuquerque Vieira and “In Name of The Body” by Nízia Villaça and Fred Góes.

(...)who can carry the complexity of the emotive, the emotional and affective, which is the greater complexity, which is one that will allow effectively, if that happens, connectivity between humans and enabling connectivity between human beings can come to allow a true society , not the proto-society, the primitivism? If the question is in this direction, it is art that can facilitate this.” Jorge Albuquerque Vieira at the Theory of Knowledge and Art

This is not a show. This is an invitation to share and maybe to connect. It's an exercise of being and of being seen. I seek to be at the exact present of my body experience and I invite you to share the journey through the fullness of its success and the recognition of its failures. How much open are you to embark on this journey? How much am I able to open my perception to the surrounding without losing the presence in my body experience?

Choosing between fear and strength
Choreographer/Performer:  Marilena Papaioannou
Music: Max Richter, Kerry Muzzey
Remixed by Kiriakos Spirou
I’m not sure if and to what extent one is born fearful or courageous; more and more, I believe that every creature is a mixture of both fear and strength. What we learn and what we experience, gradually defines who we are. And usually, there comes a time in life when we decide whether one of these two traits will dominate over the other. We chose. We chose to live a life in fear or we chose to live a life in strength. My research is based on two people I once met: a fearful and a fearless one. Two fictional characters of a book. The striking opposition of their idiosyncrasies has long intrigued me because of one reason: in spite of it, they fell deeply for each other and managed to establish a loving companionship in life.

So, what you will see today is my first attempt to use the human body and its entire expressive means, to play out these two feelings: fear and inner strength. But also, the constant struggle between the two…

Choreorgapher/performer:  Maria Sermpou
Sound composition:  Kiriakos Spirou
Stand still for a moment…
Close your eyes and relax…
Clear your head and focus on your breathing…
Suddenly you notice your right hand index vibrating. You notice the pulse that goes through your entire body in just this little index finger of yours. The heartbeat is there and you are finally listening loudly and clearly; you are feeling alive and awakened. You are listening, feeling, touching… You are finally present in the moment.

Heartbeat is defined as the pulse of your heart, or a single short moment, or something that acts as a unifying force" .                                                                                                                                           

Into a Phase Shifter                                                                                     
Choreographer/performer: Ismini Makaratzi
Music composition and sound design for Media:  Dimitris Palaiogiannis ( http://dimitris
Our sense of our identity limits and control us. Does not allow us to fulfil many of our desires, but also settles our anxiety by giving us feelings of safety and some consistency and continuity in our lives. The safety of the familiar, often leads us to insist on stereotypes in a limited range of choice.  We refuse behaviours and desires that are deemed incompatible with ourselves.

What if we choose to change that limited range of choice ?
What if we allow desire to be the guide when making  a radical choice?

The research has been about on-going feedback of the sense data between thought (here: thoughts inspired by the theme) and acting (moving) searching proof to the proposal that every action is an after effect of a conscious intention.. It's about a meditation process, which starts from stillness and leads to movement with the intention to highlight the wholeness of body/mind.

Untitled solo
Maria Tsichli

0711990715126 /water/paper/me
Director/performer: Maja Maetkovic (with Ismini, Maria S, Marilena, Xica)
This piece was developed as an exploration of the two natures (of many that exist and make us ‘us’) that we all as humans have-  water and  paper . The water as a substance that we are all literally made of, that builds our bodies, our cells, that we drink and need to survive.  And, opposed to this, the paper as ,,what we are on paper”- our birth certificate, our passports, our id cards, our diplomas, our bills etc.  It is an experiment one could say-  enlarging what builds us and making it an obstacle - water, which exposed to the look of others becomes WET ; and paper as a system of bureaucratic restraints that are juxtaposed to our physicality and prohibit it from moving.What you will see is the process of trying to merge these two dual natures of our existence with the hopeful thought that, after all, water deconstructs paper.


Ana Sánchez-Colberg:  Artistic Director

Kiriakos Spirou:  Production Manager and sound engineering for the event (except Shape Shifter)

Pavlos Mavridis:  Lighting

Angeliki Pavlou :  Administration and Communications Manager


With our thanks to Flora and Vicky at Kinitiras Studio and all the visiting artists Androniki (and Georgos and Christos), Andreas, John Paul, and Dimitris in absentia, for their input in the planning and delivery of this instalment of the lab.  See you next year for our 5th anniversary celebration!